Ask Me Anything


What the hell is Ask Me Anything and How does it Work?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Ask me Anything is a monthly event–the last Wednesday of the month, I’ll choose 1 or more of your questions that you send in and answer them with art. You can ask a question of a character or myself, and I draw the answer in full color for you. For example, if you asked Vritra what her favorite shoes are, I’ll draw her answering you. If you asked me when I started drawing, I’ll also draw that answer.¬†Up to 30 runner-ups will get their answer written out instead of drawn each month.

An old Example of this is my Archaic Answers Tumblr

There are several ways to do this!

  • You can email me at with “AMA” somewhere in the subject header.
  • You can message me on my Patreon!
  • You can send in an ASK on my tumblr!
  • I’d say you can tweet me but I don’t understand twitter enough to not lose it so don’t tweet me, but feel free to follow me there!

Why are You Doing This and Why Should I Participate?

There’s a thing with digital content that says about 10% of the people consuming your product will engage with the product. Meaning that if I have about 100 viewers, I know about 10 of you. The statistics SAY people are reading this comic, but I’m not sure WHO or if they exist *birdchirp*. I don’t get many comments because I’m not big enough yet, and so it occurred to me that this might help me identify some of you out there, build a repoire with my community, so on, so forth. It helps me continue writing the comic–because I don’t convince myself that nobody is reading. You should participate because, hopefully, you enjoy my comic, and a little bit of participation allows me to believe that you exist! And if you exist, I am accountable. Accountability means better service!

Are Some Questions Off Limits?

Not really. It’s a PG 13 comic, though, so I’m not gonna plaster porn all over it, but my patreon has some NC 17 stuff on it. If the question is too vulgar or not applicable, I just won’t answer it, so feel free to ask it. At worst I don’t answer.