Contacting Me

When you decide what you want, feel free to shoot me an email at with these details:

How many people?
Bust or Full Body?
Black and white, Simple, or Complex color?
References? (Any pictures of your character/clothing you want the character to wear/poses you like. No detail should be spared.)
Other information? (Anything uncovered about the piece by the above questions)
Where would you like it posted? (Everything I draw goes into my online portfolio, but if you would like to keep it from being published elsewhere and/or you specifically want to post it somewhere, tell me here.)


Everything is per character drawn, including the “difficult” and “simple” additions


For non-color pieces


Bust – 20 (depending on me, this can go as far down as waist up)


Full body – 30 (anything that includes legs)


  • Color (simple) – +20
    Commission-RagenAlexisArthur Aurora
  • Color (complex) – +30
    ZephyrAuroraCommissionThaddeusLSAG ToukoLSAG
  • Difficult – +20 (this can be added to any commission that is outside my expertise; it will be quoted at you before hand and you will be told why. Commonly the reason will be that you asked for props or a specific style request that requires heavy references)
  • Easy – -20 (like difficult, this can be applied at the beginning and I will tell you why. This is not a common occurrence, but sometimes people pay me to draw things I already want to draw. This will often be applied to commissions that involve my own characters or subject matter I’m very excited about, and is always applied to chibis.)

Example Requests

Kaida and Garen from league, full body, simple color. Garen is carrying kaida over his shoulder.
Full-body (x2) is 60, simple color (x2) is 40. Kaida is my character, and I like drawing him (-20). Garen wears armour (+20). 100 dollars. After a talk, commissioner says they’d like it modern, so no armour. This drops it to 80.

2 men gunfighting, full body, black and white.
Full body (x2) is 60, and gunfighting involves me drawing guns (weapons are not a practiced skill for me), so difficult (x2) is 40. 100 dollars.

A girl and a boy kissing in winter clothes, bust, complex color
Bust (x2) is 40, complex color (x2) is 60. 100 dollars.

A man standing in a cocky position, dnd clothes, full body, complex color
Full body (30), complex color (30). 60 dollars.

Shizuo and Izaya from Durarara! having sex, full body, black and white
Full body (x2) is 60. I’m excited about this commission, ’cause it’s a pairing I like, but neither character is particularly easy for me to draw. Either way, the excitement nets you -20. 40 bucks.

2 of my characters I’m excited about drawing, kissing, full body, black and white
Full body (x2) 60. They are my characters (maybe Ashley and Dannren or something of that ilk), and I feel really excited about the drawing, so it’s super easy for me; Easy (x2) is -40. 20 bucks.

Keep in mind that I am much more likely to tack on difficult than I am to tack on easy. My prices already start pretty low for my skillset, so easy only happens when I’m particularly excited about something.