Contacting Me

When you decide what you want, feel free to shoot me an email at with these details and COMMISSION in the subject header:

How many people?
Chibi, Bust or Full Body?
Black and white, Simple, or Complex color?
References? (Any pictures of your character/clothing you want the character to wear/poses you like. No detail should be spared.)
Other information? (Anything uncovered about the piece by the above questions)
Where would you like it posted? (Everything I draw goes into my online portfolio, but if you would like to keep it from being published elsewhere and/or you specifically want to post it somewhere, tell me here.)

The Process

1. You send me an email at with the form to the left filled out
2. I respond with a final quote. You have the option then to tell me to go ahead or back out.
3. I sketch a base sketch, ask you for any changes once. Get them all *then*
4. I will fix the sketch. At this point, you pay me at
5. I finish the piece. If it is color, I will send you the black and white and ask you for any final edits. These are minor cosmetic updates.
6. I finish coloring the piece. You can ask for color adjustments at this stage–get it all at once.
7. Success!


Everything is per character drawn, except the “difficult” tag which can be added as many times as I feel appropriate, but you will be informed of before and can remove any element that I consider challenging prior to agreement.

Chibis – $10

Bust – $20

Full Body – $30

Simple Color – +$20

Complex Color – +$30

Difficult – +$20


FAQ & Glossary

Base Request: Chibi, Full body, or Bust

Chibis are small, simplified drawings of whatever character. They do not come in bust version for me, but if a group picture is commissioned of them, you may see differing variations on how much of them are visible.
Bust commissions are anything that is stomach-up. It guarantees nothing more than the shoulders up, but can extend down to as far as the hips.
Full Body commissions include anything that shows thighs or below. You are not guaranteed anything further down, but a full-body commission often includes everything including feet.

Additions: Simple color, Complex Color, Difficult

Simple Colors are colors without shades, or ‘box colors’. This sometimes can include very basic shadows done on the skin and hair, but never includes shadows on clothing.
Complex Colors are fully invested shades and textures added as the piece needs. If you want my coloring to the full extent, this is where it’s at.
Difficult tags are added for any additional things you ask for that I would find challenging. Weapons, backgrounds, armors. This tag can be added multiple times but is generally restricted to how many characters are portrayed. You will be informed by me how and for what I think the difficult tag will be added, and have the opportunity to remove those elements before we settle.

Other Pieces

Sometimes people want me to do animations, comics, logos, etc. These are negotiated on the fly and I will show you what it costs. Keep in mind that comics and animations can get very expensive, because of how many drawings one has to do in order to do them. Don’t be afraid to ask, but don’t be surprised if I quote you in the $400+ range.

Example Requests

Kaida and Garen from league, full body, simple color. Garen is carrying kaida over his shoulder.
Full-body (x2) is 60, simple color (x2) is 40. Kaida is my character, and I like drawing him (-20). Garen wears armour (+20). 100 dollars. After a talk, commissioner says they’d like it modern, so no armour. This drops it to 80.

2 men gunfighting, full body, black and white.
Full body (x2) is 60, and gunfighting involves me drawing guns (weapons are not a practiced skill for me), so difficult (x2) is 40. 100 dollars.

A girl and a boy kissing in winter clothes, bust, complex color
Bust (x2) is 40, complex color (x2) is 60. 100 dollars.

A man standing in a cocky position, dnd clothes, full body, complex color
Full body (30), complex color (30). 60 dollars.

Shizuo and Izaya from Durarara! having sex, full body, black and white
Full body (x2) is 60. I’m excited about this commission, ’cause it’s a pairing I like, but neither character is particularly easy for me to draw. Either way, the excitement nets you -20. 40 bucks.

2 of my characters I’m excited about drawing, kissing, full body, black and white
Full body (x2) 60. They are my characters (maybe Ashley and Dannren or something of that ilk), and I feel really excited about the drawing, so it’s super easy for me; Easy (x2) is -40. 20 bucks.

Keep in mind that I am much more likely to tack on difficult than I am to tack on easy. My prices already start pretty low for my skillset, so easy only happens when I’m particularly excited about something.


This page is for all things of art related to Seth. Commissions, comics, other such nonsense. The main attraction is the comic 4’s a Crowd, but come for that, stay for the NSFW art on the patreon.



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