Gwendolyn Ember

Title: Baroness Gwendolyn Ember of Drake County, Rogalia

Age: 24

Gwendolyn was born to Victor Ember and Marissa Ember of the Ember Barony. Raised with a loyalty to the Drakes that was their family’s first motto, and a healthy bit of devotion that borders on the insane, she was married to Brayden Grey to seal an active alliance with Tre County. Raised in a city of Dunnick peasants and constant trade, Gwendolyn is a cheerful face that excels at communication and negotiation, but she’s not exactly what she seems on the surface. Her family are raised assassins and know all the ways to get the job done.

5 – Fear Makes Traitors of Us All

Melodramatic narration is melodramatic. Yet another cameo by a character whose name will have to be changed–although the previous one gave me consent afterward, so Yay! Ember looks great. I’ve decided to color people’s eyes going...