Richard Drake

Title: Knight Commander Richard Drake of the Dragon Knights, Third Circle of Dextera Inflamatio, Baron of Drake County, Rogalia

Age: 18

Richard Drake is the youngest child of Aurianna Wyvern and Antonidus Drake. Due to his conception in an upswing of their relationship, he is quite beloved–enough to unsettle his eldest brother, William, for a time, about his position. Richard was slow to learn magic, but excelled in the martial practice and commanding troops, and was eager to please. By the time Richard turned 15, he was already a veteran and had been acknowledged as the Dirge of Dunland for his brutal savagery against their uprising. Richard grew up fast, but so often has he been questioned for his age that it has become a chip on his shoulder that can cause him to act uncharacteristically rash.

5 – Fear Makes Traitors of Us All

Melodramatic narration is melodramatic. Yet another cameo by a character whose name will have to be changed–although the previous one gave me consent afterward, so Yay! Ember looks great. I’ve decided to color people’s eyes going...