Tomas Drake

Title: Knight Commander Tomas Drake of the Dragon Knights, Baron of Drake County, Rogalia.

Age: 24

Tomas was born to Antonidus Drake and a woman he barely remembers. Dropped off on the steps of the Count’s palace at a young age, Tomas was immediately acknowledged with his family’s name as he was knighted. The odd gesture caused quite a stir, but the boy was quickly integrated into the family and grew close to those siblings of pure blood, particularly protective of those younger than him. The boy had no gift for magic, but he worked hard in the Dragon Knights to earn his rank and title, and he came to Stragosa as protector of Adelaide and earned his title as Knight Commander when he was named as the Marshal there by Markgraf Nemesis Dragomir.

5 – Fear Makes Traitors of Us All

Melodramatic narration is melodramatic. Yet another cameo by a character whose name will have to be changed–although the previous one gave me consent afterward, so Yay! Ember looks great. I’ve decided to color people’s eyes going...