Seth is a gender fluid in their 20s that resides in the Seattle area. They grew up in northern California and ran from it as fast as possible. Most would consider them cynical and a bit dark humoured.

They have been drawing since fifth grade, and stated or teaching Dragonball z characters off a paused screen, then moved on to sailor moon off of print outs. After several years of tracing, they began to learn the basic shapes, and honestly, tracing and modifying art is still their fall back method of learning new poses and techniques, but is now exceptionally rare.

Their style choices are varied, as they tend to like to set apart certain characters with style differences. Something from a gritty realistic game might be more realistically drawn.

When they’re not drawing, they are often roleplaying. From written roleplay to LARPing, they love all kinds, but is especially fond of erotic.

Some would describe them as a social justice warrior, and they’re notorious for defending pornography in most it’s forms, particularly erotic art and it’s contents.

Have you noticed a theme? Yes, Seth is a bit obsessed with sexuality (Theirs happens to be pansexual). There was equal possibility that this comic could have been 18+ or not, and equal possibility the next one could be.

For now, that’s it! Thanks!


This page is for all things of art related to Seth. Commissions, comics, other such nonsense. The main attraction is the comic 4’s a Crowd, but come for that, stay for the NSFW art on the patreon.



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