Character: Ashley



Chapter 4 – Cover

2 in one week to make up for the 0 last week! I love you guys and appreciate your patience. We are beginning on Chapter 4 now, which means I’ve gotten through about 60 pages of webcomic and that’s really cool for me. Yay! I never really thought I’d get […]

Chapter 4 – Page 1

Hello, guys, and thank you for being patient on my two week hiatus! My moving this month set me back rather thoroughly and buried me alive, plus I’m looking at having to get a job, because my bills have jumped substantially and unexpectedly. u_u This is our 60th page of […]



Chapter 4 – Page 5

OH MY GOD, your parents let you put so much text and sparkles on this page it would blind people? I’ve always wanted to do that! No, but really. Today is a day of production right after a long weekend of boffer LARPing at Gothic: The Lion Age, and god […]


Chapter 4 – Page 7

Run, Ashley. Run. Today has been super stressful and yesterday was pretty stressful so I appreciate you all being patient with me for taking an extra day for this page. Here it is. Angles today. Angles are hard. Ashley looks good, though. Page 66. I never thought I’d get this […]

Chapter 4 – Page 8

This page brought to you by Seth drew too many backgrounds and doesn’t want to shade. No, but for reals, last week and this week have been really rough on me depression wise, and I didn’t want to skip another week of updates, so you get this one slightly less […]



Chapter 4 – Page 9

It’s getting pretty hard for me to keep doing this with the lack of any feedback on anything. I mean, even a “Yay! New Page” to know that someone’s out there is helpful. I learned a lot of new things about Manga Studio 5 tonight, which meant this page came […]